Opal and Snopal Corns

(OPAL = Amelanistic Lavender Corn)

(SNOPAL = poss Amelanistic/Anery Lavender Corn)

In March 2003 I paid more for a pair of hatchling corns than I had ever paid for any pair of corn previously. The new corns were Opal Corns. These are the amelanistic phase of the Lavender Corn. At first sight, as hatchlings, they look like strange snow corns. However as they slough they are infused with pale pinks and oranges. These "pastel" colours become more obvious as the snakes mature.

2008 Update: The snopal mature in to pure white snakes, very like Blizzard corns. Snopal were thought to be the Amel and Anery gene combination of the Lavender corn, and still may be, but there is some thought now that the two phases may be the result of different bloodline stock used at SerpenCo to establish the line. Therefore Snopal may simply be a second variant of the Amel expression in Lavender corns.

It is my understanding that this cultivar was first produced by Rich Zuchowski of Serpenco.com .

Opal Corn Yearling eatind a large pinkie.

Below is our 3 year old breeding male.

Here are photos of some of our 2006 Hatchlings.
First a hatchling Opal then 2 Snopals ( Snopal appears to be the Snow phase of Lavender and Opal )

More Opal Hatchlings

@ Stephen Sharp 2006, 2007 & 2008