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Privacy Notice

1. Use of our website

Every time you use our website your browser transfers certain technical details to the server, where the information you need is stored (for example the name of the needed file, date and time of use, browser type, showed websites and error messages). For technical and statistical reasons such data is stored in the so called log files on the server. No personal information or IP addresses are stored in such log files and with the help of these log files it is not possible to identify what information you accessed on our website.

Moreover, any personal information (for example your name or contact information) will be transferred to us only when you explicitly provide this information to us for certain purposes, for example when you register on our website or place an order. We use your personal data either for certain purposes (for example for processing your order) or in case you explicitly allow us to do this or in case we must or have the right to do this according to existing laws.

2.1. Creating a OUR WEBSITE-account / My Account

When you register a new OUR WEBSITE-account (My account), you must provide the following information:

Your first and last name
Your email adress
A password for your new account

Providing other information is optional. We will use the data provided for creating your OUR WEBSITE account. We use any optional information according to our privacy policy and in order to personalize our services, including your OUR WEBSITE account.

2.2. Order processing

We store and use order details to carry out the delivery to the address provided and for further order processing purposes. When necessary (for example during payment or delivery) your personal information is passed over to third parties, like a payment provider or shipping partner.

2.3. Use of your email address for advertising purposes

If you have already purchased any products on snakebreeder.co.uk we use your data to the extent allowed by law to send you emails advertising similar products or offers.

2. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. A "cookie" is a small standard text file that is stored by your browser when you use our website for the first time. When you use our website again your browser sends the information to the server with the text information, which was stored in the cookie before. A typical cookie contains information about your system or a random string as an identification number, which allows snakebreeder.co.uk to recognize your browser and to link it to your previous visit of our website.

We use cookies to make the use of snakebreeder.co.uk more comfortable and customer friendly. For example cookies allow you to put items into the shopping bag and make changes to your existing shopping bag. Cookies also help to save your website options (for example language, country and payment method) for the future visits.

Furthermore we use cookies to the extent allowed by this privacy policy to collect statistical data regarding the general consumer behaviour. Thanks to the evaluation of this data we can get a better picture of our customers’ needs so that we can improve our website and users’ experience.

3. Security

OUR WEBSITE takes certain technical and organizational measures in order to protect snakebreeder.co.uk against misuse and to protect your personal information against loss, manipulation and unauthorised use. The data transfer between our website and your browser is encrypted. We protect the transfer of your data with a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. This technology prevents the unauthorised use of the transferred data by third parties. Most up-to-date browsers support this encryption technology.

Please note that email communication with OUR WEBSITE is not encrypted, which means that information contained in emails may be read by unauthorised third parties.


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